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The framework of the body is made up of the bones, which are 208 in total. Together they are known as the skeleton. Bones are made up of living cells, surrounded by a pool of minerals (basically calcium and phosphates). Inside some bones there is a soft substance called bone marrow, where most of the blood cells are made.



The place where two or more bones meet is called a joint. There are joints with and without movement. The first are in the limbs and spine. The second in the skull. According to the degree of mobility that the joints allow, these can be diarthroses, which are characterized by their great mobility, such as the knees, elbows and shoulders; amphiarthrosis, they present limited mobility, like the vertebrae with each other, and synatrosis, without mobility, like the skull bones.



A muscle is soft tissue. Muscles are surrounded by a connective tissue membrane called fascia. The functional and structural unit of muscle is the muscle fiber. The human body contains approximately 650 muscles; they are attached to the skeleton through tendons, thus being responsible for the execution of body movement.

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